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Cara Bjornson | Duncan BC | carabjornson@gmail.com | 250-715-6558

I have known Cara for several years and have always admired her as a person and her ability to take amazing photos.

Birth photography wasn't something very heard of 8 years ago when I had my daughter but I recently fell in love with idea of having the beautiful moments of birth in picture form to look back on.

I gave birth to my son November 9th 2015 and had the privilege of having Cara attend my birth. I am a fairly private person and wouldn't welcome just anyone into the birth room, especially to photograph me! After watching her past births online I knew I had to have her there for the delivery of my last baby.

It wasn't just her talent that had me convinced, she has an amazing sense of calmness and kindness about her. It was just what I needed as my feelings of nervousness began to appear as the due date drew near.

She arrived at the hospital shortly after I did and stayed for hours and hours by my side. Cara also came back the next morning to capture the special moments of big sister and my family meeting our new boy. She did so much for me and I am so thankful she was there, I don't think I could have done it with out her.

She wasn't a trained Doula at the time but after my birth my husband and I both said to each other, Cara should be a Doula or Midwife she's amazing! Cara was there to take photos but she did much more then that, she was my unplanned Doula! She gave us lots of personal space but seemed to know just when she was needed. I had a difficult birth and I needed an amazing mother like Cara to tell me I could do it and comfort me when things were tough. The pictures Cara captured were unbelievable.

Birth isn't just a moment, it's a story and being able watch it after really helped me find the beauty in it and recover from such an emotional event. Cara put together amazing slide show that I have watch about 50 times and I tear up every time still. It's great to look back and see just how amazing us mothers are and how lucky we are to have our children.

I cannot say enough about how much it meant to me having Cara there by my side. I will recommend birth photography and Cara's birth support to any family!

Thanks again Cara, I wish you all the best!

Kristin Johnston

Shawnigan Lake, BC

Josh and I had the privilege of having Cara be a part of the birth of our second daughter Emberly. I had wanted a VBAC in the comfort of our home and trusted my body and had visioned it to be captured for us to all look back on and see the JOY that was present that day.

I took a lot of thought about who I wanted to be present for our birth. We knew Cara was the perfect fit for us as her energy is loving and caring. And to top that she truley has a talent for capturing the natural beauty that exists in our world . I can tell you from the moment I called Cara over things were happening fast, with only 2 hours it was as if Cara had disappeared yet I would hear a soft voice reminding me to breathe , and offering me water. Her professionalism and creativity beamed through every photo she captured. A couple days after Cara came back to take some pictures of our whole family. My oldest daughter Iyla wasn't a fan of the camera but Cara had a special way and warmth about her that Iyla felt comfortable for her to take pictures which was a huge success as we all know toddlers.

After having our daughter Emberly it created a stronger connection with Cara and something that we will never forget and am very thankful for her friendship.

We now are always reminded of that special day and look at our video/photos ( still shed the odd tear).

We wouldn't have had it any other way, I wish that all of my birthing mothers would give themselves the gift of Cara so they could witness their own power, strength, focus, determination and beauty.

Ashley and Josh

Ashley & Josh

Duncan, BC

We are so happy that we chose Cara Bjornson for our birth photographer of our second child, I wish we had done birth photos with our first born.  She is one of our very close friends and glad that she was there to share our special moments.  She is such a talented photographer and knows exactly how to capture the most beautiful images, she truly has an amazing eye for detail. She was very helpful and supportive throughout the labour and delivery as well.  Offering to help with anything, and suggesting  ideas and positions to make things easier.  She spent a lot of time with us at the hospital capturing some very special moments, and stayed right till the end so we could get some family shots of our daughter meeting her brother for the first time  I am so happy and amazed at how beautiful our pictures turned out and would highly recommend Cara to capture all your precious moments.

Jeannine Skelly

Shawnigan Lake, BC

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